Footbag Workshops

Footbag Workshops (1 hour)
- Teacher's introduction
- History of the sport
- video presentation (5 minutes, including Footbag net and free style)
- Introduction to basic technique.
- Introduction to the 5 basic kicks.
According to remaining time and skill level of the class we can add elements such as a consecutive kicks contest and/or circle kicking and four square.

Area and required material
The ideal space is the school gym although a wide room can meet our needs. We need a television and a DVD player for the video presentation and we supply the material required for technical exercises.

Who is it for?
These classes are available starting at 4th grade, as well as for all high school kids. Classes are built mainly to be added to physical education courses but can be easily adapted to other needs your school may have. We stongly suggest a limit of 30 students per teacher.


Footbag Workshops (up to 3 hours)

Can be divided in three one hour classes
For the needs of special programs such as physical education concentration in high school, we can make classes of longer duration. (Typically 1.5 to 3 hours)

In this case, we go more in depth with the exercises and we keep the last hour for an introduction to footbag net or mini net. For secondary 1-2-3 it would be the Mini Net or the regular dimension net for secondary 4 and 5 depending on the level of the students.

5-10 weeks Program
Offered only on the island of Montreal
It is also possible for us to make 5 weeks classes lasting 1h1 / 2 adapted to your school's needs .
Weeks 1-2 and 3 work on basic techniques
Week 4 initiation at the four squares, a game of precision where rules are constantly reinvented by the players.
Week 5 Mini net tournament.

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