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Rasta Bag

The best selling model in recent years.It is not the most precise footbag but it pleases with it vivid colors and nice fat size.
Very good buy for the beginners who wish to play circle and start freestyle.

The Rasta Bag is made in Guatemala. It is made out of cotton and is colored with locally produced natural dyes.

2,49£ Pounds
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The Quadra is also a beginners bag. It is an interesting alternative to the Rasta Bag. It can be used for circle and freestyle kicking.

Made out of 4 panels of ultrasuede, a durable and
washable synthetic material. Filled with plastic pellets.

3,99£ Pounds
For Novice and intermediate players, the Ochoa will get you good precision.

Circle Play or free style
The Ochoa is made of 8 synthetic suede panels. It is washable and resistant.

4,99£ Pounds
Sable 8
The Sable 8 has the same design than the Ochoa but it is filled
with sand instead of plastic, which makes it more of a freestyle bag
as it is much easier to stall and make tricks with.

The Sable 8 sandbag is made out of synthetic suede it is then very resistant and washable.
4,99£ Pounds

The Delta is one of the first multi-pannels design. Very easy to handle, it allows to circle play with an occasional free style motion.
It is made of 12 pannels and you'll get good precision with it.

Made of synthetic suede and filled with plastic.

5,25£ Pounds

The Sigma is a multi-panel which is coming close to the big leagues. This nice design is also very functional.
Useful for circle kicking and some freestyle.

It is composed of 6 squares and 8 triangles.

Made of synthetic suede and filled with plastic pellets.

5,49£ Pounds

The Supra is a real good deal for intermediate and advanced
players who are looking for a multi purpose footbag.

It is very useful to play circle with an occasional stall.

It is made out of 26 panels of synthetic suede, washable it
resists to the worst playing conditions.

5,99£ Pounds

The Classic is like his name says a must. This Footbag has been used by many world champs. Filled with plastic to ensure durability.

Inspired by soccer ball design its precision is legendary. The Classic is a footbag built with 32 panels of synthetic suede. Washable and resistant, it is very round.

6,49£ Pounds

The Ace is one of the footbags most used by pro players. Its design offers great precision.

Once you've tried it, it's very difficult to come back to a lower standard.

The Ace has 42 panels. Once more, synthetic suede is used.

Washable and resistant, it's very round and will stay like that.

8,99£ Pounds

The Sensation enters a new footbags category, the ''de Luxe'' footbags.
These balls have a really cool touch on the foot. The more panels the
rounder the bag will be.

It's sophisticated design brings up a remarquable
precision level.

The Sensation has 50 panels and is made of synthetic suede and
filled with plastic pellets.

9,99£ Pounds
The X-Treme is one of my favorites. It's one of those luxury footbags with a very cool design. Don't forget that this footbag is hand sewed when you'll try to figure out how it has been made.

Built with 62 synthetic suede panels and filled with plastic.
10,49£ Pounds
The Jewel's name says it all. It is also part of the luxury collection. It is a very special footbag. It has an incredible touch, with all its panels it is the most round footbag of all.Lovely!

A very special design that brings great precision.

Built with 92 synthetic suede panels and filled with plastic.

12,49£ Pounds

The Impact has been made exclusively for footbag-net. It's the minimum standard for advanced and open players.

Its design is inspired of soccer ball's. Its 32 pannels will get you great precision while kicking it.

Made of Cordley and filled with plastic

Cordley is an almost unbreakable japanese synthetic material . It expands evenly to preserve the footbag's shape. Very round, it will keep its style. Harder than circle and free style footbags . Very resistant.

6,49£ Pounds

The Collision is Footbag-net's nirvana. More precise than 32 panels models, it really goes where you want it to go.

It is made with 62 pannels of Cordley and filled with plastic.

Cordley is an almost unbreakable japanese synthetic material . It expands evenly to preserve the footbag's style. Very round, it will keep its shape. Harder than circle and free style footbags . Very resistant.

9,99£ Pounds

The Glomaster is a footbag made to play by night. When there's not much light and you can't see your feet, it brings lots of fun. It allows you to extend your playing hours.

The Glomaster's envelop is made of strong latex. It's equipped with a switch and a watch battery brings the energy necessery for it to glow.

An exclusive product.


8,99£ Pounds
Rasta Glo

The Rasta Glo is another Footbag to play at night.
It has a knitted coton envelope like the Rasta Bag.

It gives you the opportunity to play longer at night because it is powered by a lighting module fitted with a watch battery and an on-off switch.

A very exclusive product.

9,49£ Pounds
Hemp 12

The Hemp 12 is heavier than normal. It makes it easy to play and it is made of ecological materials.

It is machine sewed with high quality thread and is filled with sand to facilitate foot stalls.

5,99£ Pounds

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