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Canada United States
0-49.99 = 7.50$ cdn 0-49.99 = 7.50$ usd
50-99.99 = 9.50$ cdn 50-99.99 = 9.50$ usd
100-199.99 = 12.50$ cdn 100-199.99 = 12.50$ usd
200+ = $14.50 cdn 200+ = $14.50 usd

TAXES: Residents of Quebec will pay the GST and PST
rrrrrrrrrrResidents of the other Canadian provinces and territories will pay the GST
rrrrrrrrrrResidents of any other countries won't be charged any taxes by Pro Kicker but you might rrrrrrrrrrhave to pay taxes charged by your country when the package arrives according to each rrrrrrrrrrcountry laws.

Note: We are not responsible for any charges that may be applied for customs as this is out of our control. Pro Kicker Footbags ship out of Montreal, Qc, Canada.