______Here are the most important rules of Footbag net.

Footbag net court The Footbag Net court



1- The court has the same size as the badminton court. The players utilize all the outside lines of the court at all times (20' by 44').
A center line divides the court in half for the diagonal service. The net is 5' high.

2- Number of players : Footbag is played in singles or doubles.

3- Number of hits per side : In singles each player can hit the footbag a maximum of two times (Ideally a set and a spike). In doubles the maximum allowed is three hits. No player is allowed to hit the bag twice in a row.

4- Legal hitting surfaces : Feet only are allowed, any ball that touches the upper body, the thigh, the head or hands is a body fault.
It's allowed to touch the Footbag up to the lower limit of the knee to avoid
numerous arguments.

5- Scoring : The games are played to 11 or 15 points. It is possible to score only when in possession of the service.

6- Service : The service is made from behind the back line of the court and in diagonal. The player must serve on the right side on the even points and on the left side on the odd points. The player must say the score before serving starting by the serving team first. Example: 0-3 means that the player who has 0 serves the one who has 3 points.

7- Some faults : Players are not allowed to touch the net or the stanchions at any time. It is not permitted to touch the back line on the serve. It is forbidden to touch the opponents over or under the net.

8- It is allowed to attempt all the craziest smashes you can imagine, it is permitted to have lots of fun!!!

Now let's look at the tools that you'll need:
Good Footbags designed for Net play

IMPACT 32 panels Pro Kicker Net Footbag Impact

The Impact has been made exclusively for footbag net. It's the minimum standard for advanced and open players.

Its design is inspired of soccer ball's. Its 32 pannels will get you great precision while kicking it.

Made of Cordley and filled with plastic

Cordley is an almost unbreakable japanese synthetic material . It expands evenly to preserve the footbag's shape. Very round, it will keep its style. Harder than circle and free style footbags . Very resistant.

12.99$ USD


Collision 62 panels Pro Kicker net Footbag Collision

The Collision is Footbag net's nirvana. More precise than 32 panels models, it really goes where you want it to go.

It is made with 62 pannels of synthetic leather and filled with plastic.

synthetic leather is an almost unbreakable material . It expands evenly to preserve the footbag's style. Very round, it will keep its shape. Harder than circle and free style footbags . Extremely resistant to heavy kicking and hard spiking.

19.99$ USD

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