Yves Archambault Footbag Player and Owner of the Pro Kicker ''a fun crosstrainer for Soccer'' site Name: Yves Archambault alias Yevez Nuts'n'Bolts or Evil
Living in: Montreal, Québec
Yves started to kick in circle in 1981. Until 1984 he worked on the ''Aki'' trademark footbags. In 1985 he encountered competitive footbag in Golden, Colorado at the National Championships. He brought back a net in his luggage and there was the foundation of one of the most successfull footbag clubs.

In 1986 back to Golden for the first World Footbag Championships. Yves and Martin Côté won the doubles intermediate category. It took him 15 more years to achieve again at World's in the open doubles net category this time with Alexis Deschenes.
Tournament organisation can be an unrewarding task for volunteers and that might be why other sport builders can be sensitive to that aspect of someone's work. It is probably why Yves was elected in the Footbag hall of fame in 2001.
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    From all his victories Yevez cherishes the 1999 (singles), 2000 (singles and doubles with Jakob Hall) and 2001 (doubles with Emmanuel Bouchard) European Championships with of course the 2001 and 2003 World's doubles titles.