Peter Irish Footbag Player Extraordinaire + Professionnal Juggler Name: Peter Irish
Living in: College Park, Maryland
Peter Irish's nickname " The Executioner " shows the level of perfection that he brought to the completion of freestyle routines .

He was the first east coast player to break the domination of the western united states players in the Footbag sports. Till that moment in 1991 when he won the singles freestyle crown, Footbag was dominated by players from Oregon, California and Colorado.

Peter didn't stop there adding to his 91 title he also won in 1992, 93, 95 and 97 and one more this time in team freestyle in 1996 with Eric Wulff.

Peter is particularly proud to hold the record for the most dropless routines in competition with 26 which more than doubles his next opponent's.
He is also the first human being to ever juggle 3 balls on his hands and 3 balls on his feet at the same time, as a professional juggler.
    I have to add that Peter is a real gentleman and that it is always cool to be around him.