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July 2013
34th annual IFPA World Footbag Championships will be in Montreal Pro Kicker's hometown.
June 15th-16th 2013
KICK VOLLEY 04 The 2013 tourney
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What Yves Archambault has to say about Footbag

I started Footbag in 1981 and from the beginning I was hooked. We were kicking before our ice hockey games and it really warmed us up and made us ready to have a real good jump start. Our goalies were also kicking and I remember them telling me how good a practice it was for their leg moves. Now imagine that you can kick such a small object and keep it in the air as you wish. It's not hard to conclude that it'll be very easy to precisely hit a much bigger object like a soccer ball for example. Tuning in a fine touch with a Footbag could be the key to your success as a ''Football'' (rest of the world for Soccer) player and it's a lot of fun to do too. Over the years I've overheard about a lot of professionnal athletes that were warming up and crosstraining with Footbag. It might look like a stupid little game for some (of course it's always easier to be negative) but for those who really understand movement it's easy to realize that it would develop a lot of very useful athletic qualities in the avid kicker.

If you think about it: you always end up on one leg kicking with the other, excellent for balance. You would have to be precise, focused and coordinated, it makes you work on your agility and your reflexes. It would certainly make you work on your patience in order to achieve success in Footbag so it would transfer into other sports.

Of course Footbag turned into a couple of wonderful sports over time: Footbag Net (Kick Volley) and Footbag Freestyle. You will find plenty of information about these two sports in the Pro Kicker web site as well as a great choice of awesome Footbags and Footbag DVD's for you to choose.

I sure hope that you will enjoy visiting Pro Kicker and will make it a regular web destination as I will continue to upgrade the site with free videos and new games and concepts over time.

Keep on movin'

Yves Archambault
Owner of Pro Kicker Footbag

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