There are two main games in footbag: footbag-net and footbag freestyle.

Here are some characteristics of each of these types of game.

One of the greatest games in sports, footbag net combines basic kicks to aerial acrobatics as well as ground strokes. The game is played on a 44 foot by 20 badminton court, divided in the center by a 5 feet high net.

Game rules are mostly like tennis but score rules are more similar to volleyball. However you should not be mistaken here, footbag possesses its own identity. It requires a solid control, raw power and an exceptional skill level in the use of both sides of the body.

Only contacts with feet are allowed, that is what makes it a unique sport, thus no knees nor recoveries with the body or even less with the hands! Two kicks are allowed in singles, three in doubles without one of the partners making two consecutive kicks. Could be named Kick Volley in some tournaments.

    Rhythmical routines choreographed on music and punctuated with explosive tricks, that is what provides the base for an intense competition. Players perform in front of a group of judges like in artistic gymnastic, footbag freestyle allows them to demonstrate their creativity and to show their athletic qualities. Footbag freestyle asks for an excellent physical condition, and a good body-space consciousness that allows to execute athletic moves while keeping a perfect control of the object in flight.