Footbag Demonstration
- presentation of 2 or 4 players by the person responsible of the activity
- On a music background, players will kick a few shots between them to demonstrate their level of control
- History of the sport and in depth presentation of the specialists ( Background)
- Demonstration of the basic kicks and explanation of how and why to use them.
- Kick in circle with voluntary students
- explanation of footbag net rules
- Footbag net singles game or doubles if 4 players are present
- introduction to the mini net
- Mini net game between two voluntary students
- Round of questions about footbag and the AQF (Association Quebecoise de Footbag)

Space and required material
-A badminton court in a gym or if the activity takes place outside, a turfed space of 40 ' by 60 ' preferably surrounded with some seating (bleachers or chairs).

- A sound system with microphone and a CD-Player
- We supply all the other material.
Who is it for?
Students of alllevels without limitations in the case of a footbag demonstration, as well as physed teachers.

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