The 2005 Windchill had only 14 players. The quality of play was high though, especially during the finals in which Jean-François Lemieux and Benjamin Rochon played against Emmanuel Bouchard and Robert Lavigne.

Ben and JF, best known as team Chemistry jumped on the occasion to gather their first ever tournament win. Jean-François would go on following this path by winning doubles net at the 2005 World Footbag Championships in Helsinki with the help of Emmanuel Bouchard..





2005 Windchill Results

1- Jean-François Lemieux/ Benjamin Rochon
2- Emmanuel Bouchard/ Robert Lavigne
3- Martin Côté/Martin Graton
4- Mario Vaillancourt/ Philippe Lessard
5- François Depatie-Pelletier/ Christophe Spooner
6- Luc Legault/ Philippe Larose
7- Russ Arsenault/ Jean-Philippe Rochefort

Some of the best shots from the finals 3rd game Video