12 players battling for the Montreal singles title.

Great weather and fierce fights crowning a new and unexpected champion.

François Depatie-Pelletier won it all, Congratulations to the king.



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The 2010 King of the Hill

Open Singles

1.François D.-Pelletier
2.Benjamin Rochon
3.Yves Archambault
4.Luc Legault
5.Martin Côté
6.Gilles Demers
7.Geneviève Bousquet
8.Dominic O’Brien
9.Jean-François Bélanger
10.Thibault Rehn
11.Mathieu Payant
12.Philippe Lessard



Intermediate Singles

1. Jean-François Bélanger
2. Thibault Rehn
3. Mathieu Payant


* Footbag Net, a name that we would like to change to the more descriptive ''Kick Volley'' determination eventually.