Ben Alston side kick at the 2006 Southeast Footbag Championships on Pro Kicker

The 2006 edition of the Murfreesboro tournament was small but very friendly indeed. My partner, Cory Current, and I were greeted with a super sample of the south's hospitality, thanks to the organizers Elliot and Emily Johns.

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1. cory current / yves archambault
2. ken hamric / ben alston
3. elliott / emily johns
4. mike mccarthy / alex grammer
5. lani rector / ben valentine

Open Freestyle Shred 30

1. lee van sickle - 136.41
2. ben barrows - 113.54
3. alex heerman - 80.00
4. brain dennis - 70.93
5. dustin yanofsky - 69.05


Sick 3

1. trey lykins - symp. eggbeater>paradon>pdx.flail
2. lee sickle - phoenix>ripwalk>spin du. clipper
3. ben barrows - smog>dimwalk>ps whirl
4. brian dennis - terrage>paradon>barrage
5. dustin yanofsky - atomsmasher>smear>dimwalk



All pictures taken by Yves Archambault © 2006

thumb of Footbag Hall of famer Ken Hamric on prokicker   thumb of doubles winner Cory Current on prokicker Footbag
  thumb of Ken Hamric again
  Thumb of tournament organizer Emily Johns

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