The 2006 Montreal Footbag Championships is a great opportunity for those not being able to make it to Worlds for all sorts of reasons. (Not enough vacation time, too expensive etc...)

Enough of the good Montreal players will be here defending our turf to make it interesting for anyone looking for a great challenge.

The nice point about it is that the doubles finals will be part of the Just for Laughs festival. Indeed they are starting an extreme sport sub festival and they will have a great set up for spectators. The situation will not be perfect though as the court will not be perfectly leveled. Hey what would you do to play in front of thousands of spectators?

The cost to enter will be $20.

Contact me before july 11th at:
or Gilles Demers if you are late in making up your mind:

The Schedule (subject to change)

Saturday July 15th
All day at Parc Lafontaine (Near Sherbrooke and Calixa-Lavallée, look for the nets)

10h Late registration and check-in
11h Singles to the finals (single elimination bracket with consolation rounds)
12h start singles consolation rounds
15h Doubles to the semi finals (pools and quarter finals if necessary)
16h start doubles consolation rounds
19h30 estimated time for the closure of the day

Sunday July 16th
The day begins at Parc Jeanne-Mance (Esplanade and Rachel)

10h30 Players check-in
11h00 consolation matches resume
12h00 Doubles semi-finals 1
13h00 Doubles semi-finals 2
14h00 Singles finals
15h30 moving to the Just for Laughs festival, Extreme sports part,
at the corner of St-Urbain (east side) and de Maisonneuve.

18h30 Doubles finals.

Here's an idea of the pre-seeding of the Montreal players before the tournament

1 Emmanuel Bouchard *
2 Jean-François Lemieux *
3 Yves Archambault *
4 Martin Côté
5 Martin Graton *
6 Gilles Demers
7 Patrick Asswad
8 Luc Legault
9 Philippe Lessard
10 Robert Lavigne *
11 Mario Vaillancourt
12 Dominique Soulard
13 François Depatie-Pelletier
14 Renaud Fanoni *
15 Samuel Cloutier
16 Russell Arsenault
17 Philippe Larose *
18 Maude Landreville
19 Marylin Demuy
20 Stéphane Tailleur
21 Dominic O'Brien
22 Marc Giard-Larivière
23 Jonathan Éthier
24 Félix-Antoine Guérard

*note: Are not expected to be playing at the tournament

Doubles (known teams so far)

1-Patrick Asswad- Samuel Cloutier
2-Martin Côté- Mario Vaillancourt
3-Luc Legault-Gilles Demers
4-François Depatie-Pelletier- Philippe Lessard
5-Dominique Soulard- Russell Arsenault
6-Marylin Demuy- Maude Landreville
7-Dominic O'Brien- Marc Giard-Larivière



1- Gilles Demers
2- Martin Côté
3- Philippe Lessard
4- Luc Legault
5- François Depatie-Pelletier
6- Russell Arsenault
7- Vince Bradley
7- Dominique Soulard
9- Maude Landreville
9- Marilyn Demuy
11- Stéphane Tailleur
12- Dominic O'Brien
13- Thibault Rehn
14- Adrienne Dukes
15- Julien Tremblay
16- Félix-Antoine Guérard


1- Samuel Cloutier- Patrick Asswad
2- Luc Legault- Gilles Demers
3- François Depatie-Pelletier- Philippe Lessard
4- Mario Vaillancourt- Martin Côté
5- Maude Landreville- Marilyn Demuy
6- Dominique Soulard- Russell Arsenault
7- Vince Bradley- Stéphane Tailleur
8- Dominic O'Brien- Thibault Rehn
9- Félix-Antoine Guérard- Julien Tremblay

PHOTOS (117 pictures by Marc Allard-Carrière) top of the page


Doubles Finals

Parc Lafontaine's preliminary doubles matches
Doubles Finals presented at the Just for Laughs Festival (Extreme Sports)