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The 2005 Montreal International Footbag Championships was pretty strange. Especially the doubles finals. With one injured player on each side it was a display of courage and tenacity, but ''the game'' has been better.

Jean-François Lemieux took a game off Manu in the singles semi-finals and Benjamin Rochon did very well too considering that he hasn't practiced much at all this year. He managed to easily get by the legendary Sebastien Verdy who in return defeated Ben and his partner JF in the doubles finals.

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2005 Montreal International Footbag Championships

Open Singles

1- Emmanuel Bouchard
2- Benjamin Rochon
3- Jean-François Lemieux
4- Sébastien Verdy
5- Luc Legault
6- Robert Lavigne
7- Stéphane Comeau
8- Martin Côté
9- Alex Bélanger
10-Russell Arseneault
11-Philippe Lessard
11-Philippe Larose
13-Gilles Demers
14-François Depatie-Pelletier
14-Stéphane Tailleur
16-Maude Landreville
17-Sérifo Desjardins

Novice Singles

1- Jonathan Éthier
2- Félix-Antoine Guérard


1- Emmanuel Bouchard- Sébastien Verdy
2- Jean-François Lemieux- Benjamin Rochon
3- Alexandre Bélanger- Stéphane Comeau
4- Martin Côté- Robert Lavigne
5- Russell Arseneault- Dominique Soulard
6- Luc Legault- Phil Larose
7- Maude Landreville- Philippe Lessard
8- François Depatie-Pelletier- Gilles Demers
9- Pierre-Jacques Daigle- Stéphane Tailleur
10-Sérifo Desjardins- Christophe Spooner
11-Jonathan Éthier- Félix-Antoine Guérard

2005 Montreal International Footbag Championships Poster

Videos will be posted later